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Census population counting at sub-municipal level as at 31 December 2019: first experimentation in 25 Italian municipalities

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Giampaolo De Matteis, Raffaele Ferrara, Alessandro Sasso

Full text of the 7/2023 issue (in Italian)

This paper describes the approach adopted for counting the 2019 sub-municipal census data and presents some preliminary results obtained from a trial carried out on the 25 municipalities with the largest population sizes, with sub-municipal administrative partitions (i.e. town halls, wards, and/or neighbourhoods).

The procedures developed allowed us to correct coverage errors in the Base Register of Individuals (BRI) at the sub-municipal level, and make the sum of BRI individual microdata consistent with the municipal totals disseminated by the Permanent Census as of 31-12-2019. Sub-municipal data were provided to the municipalities in a transitional form, pending the final data produced with reference to 2021.

Date of Issue: 09 January 2023


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