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Annual report 2023 - The state of the Nation

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This 31st edition of Istat’s Annual Report, a summary of which is offered here, provides a broad information base for analysing the Country’s situation at a time characterised by significant opportunities, such as those opened by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), but also by new elements of crisis and uncertainty.

This year’s Report adopts a medium- to long-term perspective and illustrates the demographic, social, economic, and environmental transformations that have characterised Italy in recent years. Recognising the interconnections between these aspects, which affect the productive and social fabric in different ways and
pace, is necessary not only to confront the complexity of the present, but also to head for a more balanced, sustainable, and inclusive phase of development.

The 2023 Report looks at the present to single out the levers on which to act to start designing the future again. Accordingly, it focusses its analyses on young
people and the most dynamic components of the productive system and civil society, which are vital for promoting a change phase that will take time and new energy to be redesigned.

summary SUMMARY

The Italian version of the Annual Report is available in its complete edition online on the dedicated page.

Date of Issue: 09 November 2023


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