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In 2022 GDP at current prices grew by 6.8% (to 1,946,479 million euro) compared with the previous year. The chained volume measure of GDP increased by 3.7%.

Gross fixed capital formation rose in volume by 9.7%, final consumption expenditure by 3.9%, exports by 9.9% and imports of goods and services by 12.4%.

National demand (excluding changes in inventories) has contributed to GDP growth by 5.0 percentage points. The contributions of changes in inventories and of net exports were negative by 0.8 and by 0.5 percentage points respectively.

Value added in volume increased in constructions (+10.1%) and in services activities (+4.5%), while it decreased in agriculture, forestry and fishing (-2.1%) and in mining and quarrying, manufacturing and other industrial activities (-0.2%).

General Government net borrowing was -156,442 million euro: -8.0% of GDP, compared with -8.8% in 2021.

Primary balance (General Government net borrowing net of interests) was -3.8% of GDP (-5.3% in 2021).

A relevant upward revision occurs for 2021 at both current and constant, with an increase of the growth rate of 2.1 and to 1.3 pencentage points respectively. The rate of growth for 2022 remains unchanged. More information are available in the Note attached to this press release.

Reference period: Years 2020-2022

Date of Issue: 22 September 2023

Next release: March 2024



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