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Program Committee

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The setting of the workshop program – including the identification of the areas of methodological research concerned, the figures of discussants and session chairs as well as the invited papers – is up to the Program Committee thus formed:

  • Orietta LUZI | Istat, Head of Directorate for methodology and statistical process design
  • Daniela COCCHI | University of Bologna
  • Maria Giovanna RANALLI | Università degli studi of Perugia, Italia
  • Brunero LISEO | La Sapienza Università of Roma, Italia
  • Maurizio LENZERINI | La Sapienza Università of Roma, Italia
  • Natalie SHLOMO| University of Manchester, UK
  • Li-Chun ZHANG | University of Southampton, UK, e Statistisk Sentralbyrå, Norway
  • Piero Demetrio FALORSI |  Expert – formerly at Istat, Italia
  • Pierre LAVALLÉE |Expert – formerly at Statistics Canada
  • Monica SCANNAPIECO | Expert – Agenzia Italiana per la Cybersecurity
  • Stefano FALORSI | Istat – Servizio MEB
  • Mauro SCANU|  Istat – Dirigente Servizio MEA


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Date of Issue: 04 December 2022

First workshop on methodologies for official statistics information