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Environmental physical accounts – Air emissions accounts (AEA) -Years 2008-2020

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On November 28 2022, Istat releases on its data warehouse I.Stat – ‘National accounts’ theme, the 2008-2020 time series for the ‘Environmental accounts/NAMEA air emissions’ sub-theme, and provisional data for 2021 on greenhouse gas (GHG)  emissions.

The 2008-2020 time series concern air emissions of 24 pollutants by economic activities, classified in 64 industries and households (3 consumption functions). The provisional 2021 data are released with a detail of 38 industries.

Air emissions accounts are compiled in accordance with EU Regulation 691/2011 and the consistency with national accounts data make them suitable for integrated environmental-economic analyses.

Air emissions accounts are calculated starting from the national emission inventory annually produced by Istituto Superiore per la Ricerca e la Protezione Ambientale (Ispra).

Additional information disseminated by Istat are:

  • a bridge table devoted to show the link between air emission totals and totals calculated by Ispra and used for Italian Communications within the framework of international conventions: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP);
  • emission intensity of production, value added and employment.

2021 GHG emissions from the Italian economy amounted to 416 million tons of CO2 equivalent, 6.2% more than in 2020. Although increasing compared to the previous year, GHG emissions do not reach the levels of the pre-pandemic period, confirming the downward trend observed starting from 2008 (-28.7% over the period 2008-2021)

The share of GHG emissions due to industries is 74.9% mainly generates by manufacturing industries (21.1% of emissions) and producers of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning (18.8%). 2021 GHG emissions caused by industries increased by 6.4% compared the previous year.

Households are responsible for the remaining 25.1% of emissions, mainly due to their own heating and transport activities. Household emissions increased by 5.7% compared to 2020.

Data are also released on IstatData , the Istat’s new aggregate data dissemination platform that will gradually replace the I.Stat data access system. Until the data transfer is completed, the two systems will coexist.

For more information, please refer to the metadata.

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Reference period: Years 2008-2020

Date of Issue: 28 November 2022


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