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Employment and unemployment 2021 indicators for Labour Market Areas in Italy - Years 2006-2021

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Now available Employment and Unemployment 2021 indicators for Labour Market Areas in Italy, updating the back recalculated time series starting in 2006.

The basic information to produce the estimates include the Labour Force Survey and auxiliary information on resident population whereas the territorial structure is defined according to the 610 Labour Market Areas. This geographical partition is based on “self-contained” areas considering the commuting flows and have been built by Istat taking into account the results of the 15th General Census of Population and Housing, conducted in 2011. A new methodology, called Euro, developed at European level, has been applied to define the LMAs. Small area estimation methods are applied to improve the reliability of the estimates provided by the survey  at LMAs level.

Labour Force Survey based indicators at Labour Market Area level include: resident population aged 15 or over, labor force, employed residents, unemployed, non-labor force, activity rate, employment rate, unemployment rate. The reference population is defined by individuals belonging to de facto households whose head resides in the selected municipality. Therefore, individuals who permanently live together, including hospices, children’s homes, religious institutes, barracks, etc. are excluded from the reference population.

It should be noted that starting with the first quarter of 2021 Labour Force Survey implements the Regulation requirements 1700/2019, which introduces changes to the definition of household and the definition of employed person using a new questionnaire. The back recalculated time series of the main labour market indicators are available here.

Labour Force Survey based indicators at Labour Market Area level 2006-2021 are consistent with these LFS back recalculated  time series.

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Reference period: Years 2006-2021

Date of Issue: 17 October 2022



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