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Monthly report on italian economy - September 2022

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OECD estimates indicate that inflation acceleration, uncertainty and the change of stance of monetary policy in many countries might provide a deceleration of the World economy in the coming quarters.

Italian GDP, in the second quarter, increased driven by domestic demand while net exports gave a negative contribution.

Industrial production in August increased strongly by 2,3% with respect to the previous month but under the hypothesis that the index in September will remain on the same value of August, the third quarter will return only a marginal increase.

The number of both employed and unemployed persons decreased in August while a growth was recorded for inactive people. The unemployment rate declined to 7.8%

Italian inflation accelerated in September and the diffusion of the inflationary process widened. IPCA for Italy remained below the euro area.

The outlook for next months continues to worsen. In September, the consumer and business confidence index decreased with a fall diffused to all the components but the construction sector.

Reference period: September 2022

Date of Issue: 11 October 2022



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