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Bes at local level - 2022 edition

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ISTAT releases the annual update of the BES indicators at local level, related the 107 Italian provinces and metropolitan cities.

The 2022 edition contains 70 Bes indicators at Nuts3 level, with 7 new indicators – (in the domains of Environment and Quality of services) which have been included according to the new measures of well-being introduced in the Bes 2020 Report.

The BES at local level dataset shares a core of common and fully harmonized indicators with the Bes framework. Furthermore, in the Bes at local level dataset other well-being measures are included to cover those well-being aspects that are especially relevant from a regional point of view.

Note. On October 7, 2022, at 11:15 a.m., the file Dataset in the Download area was replaced following the correction of a figure on out-of-region hospitalizations

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Directorate for analysis and enhancement of social and demographic statistics and for the information needs of the national recovery and resilience plan – NRRP

Sabrina Prati

Stefania Taralli

Reference period: Year 2021

Date of Issue: 03 October 2022