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Contractual wages and salaries. April-June 2022

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The index of wages according to the national collective bargaining agreement measures the evolution of wages and salaries (per employee or per hour) determined by contractual provisions set by collective agreements; the indices are calculated with reference to the fixed employment structure of the base period (December 2015).

At the end of June 2022 the coverage rate (share of national collective agreements in force for the wage setting aspects) was 4% % in terms of employees and 48.8% in terms of the total amount of wages.

In June 2022, the hourly index increase by 0.3% from last month, and the per employee index grew by 0.2%.

Compared with June 2021 the hourly index increased by 1.0% and the per employee index grew by 0.9%.

In the period January-June 2022 both indices increased by 0.8% y/y.

Reference period: April - June 2022

Date of Issue: 27 July 2022

Next release: 28 October 2022



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