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Foreign trade with non-EU countries - March 2022

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Data on Italy’s foreign trade with non-EU27 countries in March 2022 are preliminary. The results of the survey on total foreign trade in March 2022 will be disseminated on coming 17 May 2022.

In March 2022 exports to non-EU27 countries increased by 22.1% and imports rose by 60.9% compared with the same month of the previous year.

In March 2022, in seasonally adjusted terms, exports increased by 2.0% and imports increased by 2.3% compared with February 2022. Over the last three months, seasonally adjusted data, compared with the previous three months, showed a 7.5% increase in outgoing flows and a 15.5% rise in incoming flows.

In March 2022 the trade balance with non-EU27 countries registered a deficit of 515 million euro compared to the surplus of 4,806 million euro in March 2021; excluding energy, the surplus was equal to 7,742 million euro, up compared with a 7,479 million euro surplus in March 2021.

Reference period: March 2022

Date of Issue: 27 April 2022

Next release: 27 May 2022



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