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Foreign trade - Updating January 2022 data

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Revision of import data of natural gas in gaseous state for the months from July to December 2021 (see the Press Note of 15 March) was finalised. With this press release, updated foreign trade data are made available for January 2022 (previously published in the Press Release of 18 March).

Therefore, data on imports from world and non-EU area and related unit value and volume indices are disseminated, too. Revision slightly affected imports from EU area.

All updated series are available on Coeweb.

Confirming data already released, in January 2022 seasonally-adjusted data, compared to December 2021, increased by +5.3% for outgoing flows.

Imports decreased by -2.0% compared to December 2021, due to decrease of imports from EU countries (-4.4%).

In January 2022, compared with the same month of the previous year, both exports and imports grew (+22.6% and +44.5% respectively).

In January 2022, with respect to January 2021, average unit values rose by 16.3% for exports and by 34.2% for imports. Volumes increased on annual basis by 5.5% for exports and by 7.6% for imports.

Please note that, in order to complete the update of January 2022 foreign trade data, released by this press release, the dissemination of February 2022 non-EU foreign trade data, set today, has been postponed to 1 April.

Reference period: Updating January 2022 data

Date of Issue: 25 March 2022

Next release: 20 April 2022



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