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Create your own infographic! The talent contest for infographic designers of all ages kicks off

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We look forward to seeing you on 30 November and 1 December at the Fourteenth National Statistical Conference. Plenary meetings, parallel sessions, spaces for discussion and in-depth analysis with statisticians and experts to analyse the country of today and the future, and then… and then above all you, infographic performers of all ages!

With your sheets of paper to draw a portrait of Italy, or your comics, your visual works of any kind: whoever you are, whatever your age, whatever artistic expression you choose, browse Istat website, get inspired by our numbers and infographics and take part in the first infographic Talent of the Italian National Institute of Statistics.

Your creations will be displayed in a virtual gallery, and they may contain one number or fifty, either painted or processed with graphics software. The most surprising, the most inspired, the most original, the wittiest, the most poetic, the most rigorous will be rewarded and celebrated with the authors in a live event during the Conference!

Choose a macro-theme among the five areas of our statistical production (Population and Households, Institutions and Society, Education and Labour, Economy, Environment and territory) or combine more than one and take part in the competition with participants of your age groups.

Numbers can also be fun, fantasy, art: we need you to prove it!

Italian and English texts are admitted.

Read the Regulation (pdf)


25 November 2021: last day to send the infographic and the registration form to infografiche@istat.it

Forms and privacy policy (in Italian only)

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Date of Issue: 09 November 2021