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Press release

Monthly report on Italian economy - August 2021

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World merchandise trade appears to stabilize, with a modest growth in June of 0.5%. This seems to indicate the end of the vigorous recovery in global goods trade.

In Italy, in the second quarter GDP showed a remarkable increase compared to the previous quarter (+2.7).

The GDP growth annual carry-over for 2021 is +4.7%. In July, the industrial production increased by 0,8% with respect to the previous month with increases diffuses to all components but energy.

In the second quarter, the number of hours worked and of employed persons increased respectively by +3,9% e +3,2% compared with the previous quarter.

In August, the rate of change of the Italian consumer price index for the whole nation (NIC) was +2.1% on annual basis.

The business and consumer confidence in August showed a decline but remained on historically high levels.

Reference period: August 2021

Date of Issue: 10 September 2021