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Quarterly national accounts: update

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Istat releases an update for the first quarter 2021 of quarterly national accounts of last 1 June, which takes over a slight revision in some components. The revision has been necessary to fix a procedural error come to light after the publication. The new estimate updates only exports of goods and services in terms of chain linked values of first quarter 2021. The estimates of GDP, imports and other components, net of changes in inventories remain unchanged.

In the new version exports increase by +0.5% compared to previous quarter and by +1.2% with respect to the first quarter of 2020 (Table 1). The release of June 1 reported a decrease of exports by -0.1% compared with fourth quarter 2020 and an increase by +0.6% with respect to the first quarter of 2020.

Date of Issue: 11 June 2021



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