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Immigrants supply of personal services, female labour supply and household behaviour in the hosting economy

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Workshop online
15 June 2021
Hrs 16.00

A large number of migrants provide personal services that substitute or complement household members’ time in domestic production. The increased availability of these services is likely to affect several dimensions of natives’ life, from labour supply, fertility and human capital accumulation to the health and longevity of the elderly. The potential economic impact of these possible effects is easy to grasp, ranging from population growth to the reform of the health system. Surprisingly, relatively little attention has been paid to these issues by researchers at times in which the fertility “crisis”, the reduction in human capital accumulation in the aftermath of Covid and the need to reassess the approach to the care for the elderly are high in the social and political agenda.

The workshop aims at bringing together academics, data scientists and field researchers to discuss the implication of the supply of personal services by migrants and the consequences of the reduction of migrations flows that are foreseeable in the near future.

Participation to the workshop is free, but online registration is welcome.

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Event Date: 15 June 2021