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Statistics on mining and quarrying extraction activities

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Mineral water withdrawals increased. Quarrying mineral extractions decreased

In 2017, in Italy mining and quarrying sites amounted to 5,154. Among them, 2,196 were into production sites (-4.3% compared to 2016). National extraction of non-energy mineral resources, including mineral waters withdrawals, amounted to 180.6 million tons (82.6% was from quarrying), with a 1.9% decrease over the previous year.

In 2017, 44.3% of the national amount of mineral resources extracted from quarries came from the North of Italy, consisting of 83.1 million tons (+2% over the previous year). South and Islands contribute with 55.8 million tons (-2.4% compared to 2016).

Reference period: Year 2017

Date of Issue: 22 October 2019



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