G20-DETF Workshop on the Measurement of the Digital Economy

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Online event
18 February 2021

This virtual workshop of the G20 Digital Economy Task Force (DETF) was organised by the Italian G20 Presidency in cooperation with Istat. The event intended to facilitate engagement across G20 members, notably experts from national statistical authorities, to share experiences and challenges in measuring the digital economy; its results will be debated in the next DETF meeting to find consensus on further action.

The workshop was supported by short issues notes for two of the main items discussed, i.e.  the measurement of artificial intelligence, and the measurement of the digital gender divide.

Speakers included UN Agencies, the European Commission, the OECD and the National Statistical Institute of Canada, Italy, Japan, Korea, the USA. Participants included more than 100 national delegates from G20 and observe countries, International and Regional cooperation Organisations.

freccia-rossa Agenda
freccia-rossa Issues Note: Measuring Artificial Intelligence in Official Statistics
freccia-rossa Issues Note: Measuring the Digital Gender Divide through Official Statistics

Event Date: 18 February 2021