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Diversity management for LGBT+ diversities in enterprises and desirable actions to improve inclusiveness at work

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Istat and UNAR present the main results of a thematic study aimed at investigating diversity management measures for LGBT+ diversity implemented by enterprises of industry and service sectors with 50 or more employees. Diversity and/or inclusion management (DM) indicate the set of measures and tools that by managing and enhancing the diversity of workers, aim at promoting their inclusion in the workplace.

This report also presents the outcomes of interviews with various stakeholders at national level (i.e. enterprises’ associations, active LGBT+ associations tackling job inclusion and discrimination at work, trade unions, networks of LGBT+ workers, public administration and institutions with competence on the matter, equality bodies and observers). Respondents were asked to indicate possible future actions, policies or initiatives to make working environments more inclusive and respectful of diversity based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity, with reference to different work contexts. The emerged proposals therefore refer both to enterprises and to other actors with different spheres of competence and levels of action.

The research is part of the activities indicated in the collaboration agreement between the two entities (Istat and
UNAR) which aims at creating a detailed information framework on “Access to work, working conditions and discrimination at work for LGBT+ people and diversity policies implemented in enterprises”. This agreement is supported by funding granted by the availability of funds allocated under the National Operational Programme (PON) 2014-2020 Inclusion, co-financed by the European Structural Fund (ESF), and in particular Axis 32 (Social Intervention Systems and Models) and Axis 4 (Administrative capacity) under UNAR competence.

Reference period: Year 2019

Date of Issue: 20 January 2021



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