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In Italy, the 7th General Agricultural Census kicks off

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Last decennial appointment for Italy with the General Agricultural Census, a data collection that will become permanent from 2022. With this edition, the hard copy questionnaire is replaced by a digitalized one. For the occasion, the information gathered will determine the impact that the Covid-19 epidemic has had on the farms.

On January 7th, the 7th General Agricultural Census will commence, a survey involving over 1,700,000 farms, and its aim is to provide an in-depth statistical framework of the Italian agricultural and livestock system at national, regional, and local levels.

The entire operation will be carried out according to the provisions of the 2018/1091 (EU) Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of July 18th, 2018 on integrated farm statistics, which govern its implementation in all the states of the European Union.

The census survey will provide a detailed reading of the structure of the Italian agricultural and livestock system, both from a thematic point of view (characteristics of the holder, land use, size of livestock holdings, farm management methods and their possible multifunctionality, the type of employed labour, commercialization), and that of the geographical location of the different production activities, key element to understanding the dynamics of possible future developments.

For more information see the agricultural census web page

Date of Issue: 07 January 2021



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