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Political participation in Italy

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Between 2014 and 2019, the share of people aged 14 and over not engaged in politics has increased from 18.9% to 23.2%.

Political participation was mainly indirect by getting information from daily newspapers, magazines, or speaking about it (74.8%) and less by personal involvement (e.g. by demonstrating or contributing money to a political party,
etc.) (8.0%). Young people were more involved in active politics, 14% of people aged 14-24 actively participated, especially by demonstrating and in marches (12.8%).

In 2019, something like 16 million people got information about politics by means of the Internet. Only one person out of three found information by means of daily newspapers (42.2% in 2014).

Reference period: Year 2019

Date of Issue: 02 November 2020



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