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Retail trade

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In February 2020 the seasonally adjusted index of retail trade increased for the third consecutive month in the month on month series, as value of sales was up 0.8% and volume was up 0.9%.

In the three months to February 2020, the value of retail sales grew by 0.6%, likewise the volume of sales rose by 0.7%.

In the year on year series, estimates for retail trade continued to grow, reaching a peak of 5.7% in February 2020. Food sales increased by 8.2% and non-food sales rose by 3.8% compared with February 2019.

Large-scale distribution highly increased by 8.4% compared with February 2019, while small-scale distribution rose by 3.3%.

In February 2020, non-store sales were down 0.1% in the year on year series.

Online sales increased by 15.3% compared with the same month a year earlier.

Looking at the value of sales for non-food products, all categories increased in the year on year series. The largest growths were reported for Durable and non-durable household items (+7.6%) and Tools (+6.3%), while the smallest growth concerned Stationary, books, newspapers and magazines (+1.0%).

Reference period: February 2020

Date of Issue: 07 April 2020

Next release: 7 May 2020



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