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Experimental statistic

Integration between data from register and sample surveys: enterprises classified by use of ICT and economic indicators

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Istat has recently moved to collecting structural business statistics through a new statistical information system, named FRAME SBS, mainly created by integrating administrative and fiscal data.

Further technical and methodological development was fostered, particularly the attention was drawn to combine new opportunities of economic analysis by integrating FRAME SBS with other data sources. With the purpose of defining a methodological approach for indicators’ production, a Task Force was launched by involving variables stemming from both FRAME SBS and sample surveys such as survey on ICT usage and e-Commerce in Enterprises (ICT).

The considered indicators describe the relation among the economic performances of enterprises (measured through labour productivity, turnover per persons employed, value added on turnover, etc.) and their level of digitization (use of personal computer and internet, web presence, online sales, etc.), by ensuring consistency between the estimates calculated by the Frame and by the sample survey.

Reference period: Year 2018

Date of Issue: 17 March 2020


Experimental statistics

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