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Sales of real estate units and loans

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In the third quarter of 2019, notary agreements regarding sales of real estate units and any other kind of exchange of properties and appurtenances in return for payment were 183,479. Seasonally adjusted data show that they increased by 1.2% compared with the previous quarter (+1.2% the residential sector and +1.7% the economic properties sector).

In comparison with the previous quarter, the residential sector showed positive changes in all the geographical areas of the country (North-East +2.3%, North-West +1.3%, South +0.9% and Centre +0.7%), with the exception of the Islands (-0.5%). In the economic sector, the growth, though with different intensities, concerned the North-East (+8.1%), the South (+0.9%) and the Centre (+0.3%); while decreases were recorded in the Islands (-1.1%) and in the North-West (-0.8%).

Almost the total of notary agreements (94.5%) affected transfers of residential properties (173,381), followed by transfers of properties for business purposes (9,467; 5.2%) and estates for special uses and multi-owned properties (631; 0.3%).

Compared with the third quarter 2018, real estate unit exchange agreements rose overall by 4.8% (+4.8% the residential sector; +5.8% economic sector).

The trend growth affected the entire national territory both for the housing sector, (North-East +5.9%, North-West +5.7%, South +4.7%, Centre +3.8% and Islands +1.7%) and for the economic sector (Islands +14.2%, North-East +10.2%, South +8.4%, Centre +4.8% and North-West +0,2%). At the level of types of municipalities, the growth in the housing sector affected small towns (+5.7%) more than metropolitan cities (+3.7%). On the contrary, in the economic sector, the increase affected metropolitan cities more (+6.8% against +5.2%).

Mortgage-secured loans (94,205) rose by 1.7%, compared with the previous quarter, and declined by 4.1% on an annual basis.

Compared with the previous quarter, mortgage-secured loans increased in North-East (+2.8%), in North-West (+2,6%) and in Centre (+1.2%); while they remained substantially stable in the South (+0.4%) and decreased in the Islands (-2.4%). Compared with the third quarter 2018, the decline affected all the geographical areas of the country (Islands -9.6%, South -7.6%, Centre -5.3%, North-West -2.4% and North-East -1.8%) and all types of municipalities (metropolitan cities -4.8% and small municipalities -3.5%).

Reference period: Third quarter 2019

Date of Issue: 25 February 2020



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