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Business demography

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In 2017, the number of real births was 276,890, 20,000 less than in 2016. After the positive trend recorded in the last 5 years, the birth rate has decreased and is equal to 7.2%, 0.5 percentage points less compared to the previous year. Dearth rate continued the trend of progressive reduction that began in 2014: in 2017, the estimated deaths are 273,818, with a death rate of 7.1% (equal to 0.6 percentage points less than in 2016).

The dynamics of the two rates led to a slightly positive net turnover rate in 2017 (+0.1%), which changed the negative trend recorded from 2007 onwards.

BIRTH AND DEATH RATES Years 2012-2017, percentage (a)
(a) death rate estimates for 2017

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Reference period: Years 2012-2017

Date of Issue: 11 July 2019