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Times of daily life - Work, work-life balance, gender equality and well-being

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“Time use surveys” (TUS) highlight the different ways in which people use this resource and provide an indispensable information base not only in the field of social research, but also for the choice of public policies.

The volume, which offers an in-depth analysis of statistical information already disseminated by Istat, investigates people’s time use starting from about 70 indicators proposed by Unece to illustrate – in a standardized and comparable way some – dimensions of social and economic life in different countries.

In the first part, the main theme is working time: for the first time the economic value of unpaid work produced in Italy is estimated (Chapter 1) and the gender differences in the total workloads are analyzed for all different family organizational models present in the country (Chapter 2).

The second part analyses the link between well-being and life time: the negotiation of the balance between the different dimensions of life (work-life balance) and the overlap between different times (multitasking) (Chapter 3); the time dedicated to social life and leisure time activities (Chapter 4); the timing of different lifestyles and their impact on health – sleep, travel patterns, sedentary activities (Chapter 5).

The e-book gives particular importance to the international comparisons, thanks to the recent publication by Eurostat of the tables related to the second edition of the Harmonized European Time Use Surveys (Hetus).

The e-book full text is available in Italian language. A summary is avalilable in English language.

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Date of Issue: 07 May 2019



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