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Citizens and leisure time sample survey (CTL): microdata for research purposes

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The sample survey “Citizens and leisure time” (CTL) is part of an integrated system of  social surveys (Multipurpose household surveys). The survey, conducted for the first time in 1995, in 2015 was in its fourth edition. CTL focuses on detecting the attitudes and behaviors of the population related to the sphere of free time, with particular regard to the set of behaviors and activities related to cultural participation, sporting practice and others activities more directly related to the sphere of self-realization.

The topics covered by the survey are analyzed both under traditional aspects and emerging ones. They range from the use of television and radio to readings, from the use of the  internet and new technologies to the live performances (concerts, theatrical performances, sports events).

CTL is part of the surveys included in the National Statistical Program that collects all the statistical surveys necessary for the country and is conducted on all the components of a sample of about 24,000 families, extracted from municipal registers and distributed in about 850 Italian municipalities of different demographic size, through a two-stage sampling design.

Until the survey conducted in 2006, the survey was carried out with PAPI technique (paper and pencil interview), using different survey models: a survey model administered through a direct interview with the help of an interviewer; one or more models self-administered by the respondents.

In 2015 an important innovation of process was introduced that involved the technique of data collection. This innovation consisted in the adoption of the CAWI/PAPI sequential mixed technique. This is the first experience of mixed-mode CAWI (computer assisted web interview)/PAPI in Multipurpose household surveys.

Reference period: Year 2015

Date of Issue: 22 February 2019