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Update as of December 31, 2018

For statistical purposes the ISTAT publishes, on an annual basis and with reference to the date of 31 December, the list of foreign countries (States and Territories), since 2017 made consistent with the list of places provided for by the EU 2017/543 Regulation (cf. . Attached).

Further updates can be disseminated in different periods than expected, to ensure the timely disclosure of information on the territorial units affected by variation.

The list of foreign countries, with the relative codes, is updated following the changes that occur in the world geopolitical configuration; they lead to updates, for example, the birth of a new state, the termination of a pre-existing state, etc.

Foreign countries are grouped by continent and by geopolitical area of ​​belonging. In the case of Europe, in particular, it distinguishes between member countries of the European Union and other European countries.

Note: in the “List of codes and names of foreign territorial units, as of 31 December 2018”, the name change of Swaziland State in Eswatini is recorded.

List of codes and names of foreign territorial units

The file contains the list of countries updated to the date shown in the file name.

Each foreign country is identified by the statistical code and the Italian and English geographical names. The following are also included: the code and the name of the continent and the geopolitical area to which the country belongs; the identification codes of the countries in use in other administrations, such as the Revenue Agency and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the international standard codes (ISO and USND).

All fields are described in greater detail in the file legend.

The archives of the codes and names of foreign countries are also available since 2002.

download Elenco codici e denominazioni delle unità territoriali estere (csv e xls)
download Archivio Paesi esteri – Anni 2002-2018

Note: Please note that the file structure has changed since updating the list to December 31, 2017, and new information has been added.

Variations of foreign countries

The file shows the changes documented since 1990. The changes may concern the establishment of a new territorial unit (CS); the change of name (CD); the suppression of a pre-existing unit (ES); the change of belonging (AP) to a geopolitical entity of a higher level; inclusion (TE) or exclusion (ET) of a territory.

Note: Please note that the file structure has changed with the December 31, 2018 updateThe previous information is available in the “Variations of foreign countries from 2002 to 2015” file.

download Elenco delle Variazioni dal 1990 (csv e xls)
download Variazioni degli Stati esteri dal 2002 al 2015

Information note on foreign countries for indicating the place of birth and citizenship. Source of EU Regulation 2017/543

The classifications associated with the foreign territorial units, such as, at the moment, place of birth and citizenship are temporarily made available on this page, and in the zip file containing the list of countries updated to the date shown in the file name.

In addition to the “Other / Non-Indicated / In Process of Definition” (code 998) in addition to the entries for the various countries of birth and citizenship, for the purpose of coding the latter variable, the inclusion in the list of two items “Recognized non-citizens” (code 888) and “Apolide” (code 999).

download Elenco dei Paesi esteri Regolamento Ue 2017 – 543

Date of Issue: 15 February 2019



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