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Employment and unemployment (provisional estimates)

After the decline observed in the last month, in October 2018 the number of employed people is substantially unchanged. The employment rate stood at 58.7%, stable on the previous month.

For the second month the number of unemployed people increased (+2.4%, +64 thousand), involving women, men and all age groups. The unemployment rate rose to 10.6% (+0.2 percentage points in a month) and the youth rate slight increased to 32.5% (+0.1 percentage points).

In October, inactive people aged 15-64 decreased among both genders and all age groups excluded people aged 25-34 (-0.6%, -77 thousand). The inactivity rate declined to 34.2% (-0.2 percentage points).

In the period August-October 2018 employment went down compared with the previous quarter (-0.2%, -40 thousand). The decrease involved women, men and people aged 15-49, while over 50 grew.

In the same quarter, the fall of employment was accompanied by the decrease of unemployment (-2.5%, -70 thousand) while the inactivity went up (+0.4%, +56 thousand).

Employment rose by 0.7% (+159 thousand) compared with October 2017. The increase concerned both women and men. Employment grew sharply among people aged over 50 (+330 thousand), moderately among people under 25 (+20 thousand), while it decreased among people aged 25-49 (-190 thousand).

On a yearly basis, the growth of employment was accompanied by the fall of unemployment (-4.1%, -118 thousand) and of inactivity (-1.1%, -143 thousand).

Reference period: October 2018

Date of Issue: 30 November 2018

Next release: 9 January 2019



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