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Households with foreigners: indicators of economic distress

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In 2009, Istat carried out for the first time the “Income and living conditions” survey on a sample of 6,000 households resident in Italy with at least one foreign member. The survey, which was funded by the Ministry for Labour and Social Policies, made use of the same methodological tools used for the survey “Income and living conditions – EU-SILC ” (questionnaires , survey techniques, methods of correction, imputation and integration of data, etc.), collecting a series of socio-economic information that is completely comparable.

The picture of households with foreigners provided by this survey may therefore be compared with that of households made up exclusively of Italians obtained from the EU-SILC survey, which was also carried out in 2009.

This note sets out the main (provisional) results with reference to the most significant characteristics of households with foreigners, living conditions and distress indicators (economic difficulties, material deprivation, etc.).

Reference period: Year 2009

Date of Issue: 04 April 2011



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