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Production in the construction sector

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The production in construction index provides monthly statistics on output in the sector, referring not only to all new work, but also to repair and maintenance data. The production in construction index is calculated on the base 2015=100.

In August 2018, construction output decreased by 0.8% comparing to the previous month.

Despite the month-on-month contraction, the last three months from June to August 2018 saw an increase in construction output at 1.7%, representing the third consecutive three-month on three-month growth.

When compared with a year earlier, both non-seasonally adjusted index and calendar adjusted index continued to rise in August 2018, increasing by 0.6%.

Construction output was up 1.2% (calendar adjusted data) during the first eight months of 2018, comparing to the same period in 2017.

Reference period: August 2018

Date of Issue: 19 October 2018

Next release: 20 November 2018



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