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The Italian Core Location Vocabulary Ontology (CLV_AP-IT)

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CLV_AP-IT ontology is the Application Profile of the Italian Core Location Vocabulary. The ontology is the result of the joint work between Istat, Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate), Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) and the Digital Transformation Team.

The ontology models an address as a physical location represented by geospatial elements, at the same time highlighting its own descriptive elements.

The principal characteristics are:

  • Traffic Areas are by definition any space of public land or open to public transit of any form and size, intended for traffic. Generally identified by street name (odonym), composed by a general urbanistic denomination (DUG) and an official urbanistic denomination (DUF);
  • External Accesses connect traffic areas to simple “ecographic” units such as shops, offices, houses having doors facing the street directly. They can also give access to courtyards, buildings or similar ones from which it is possible to access simple ecographic units. External Accesses are identified by street name (odonym) and civic numbering consisting of either a number or a metric value.

The ontology is available in several formats such as RDF-XML, Turtle and Json-ld.

Date of Issue: 04 December 2019