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Press release

Foreign trade and import prices

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Istat presents data on Italy’s foreign trade as well as unit value and volume indices (base year 2015=100) referring to May 2018.

  • In May 2018 seasonally-adjusted data, compared to April 2018, decreased for outgoing flows (-1.6%) and increased for incoming flows and (+0.8%). Exports fell for both non EU and EU countries (-3.1% and -0.5% respectively). Imports raised for EU countries (+1.9%) and decreased for non EU countries (-0.8%). Over the last three months, seasonally-adjusted data, compared to the three months earlier, showed a decreased for exports (-0.7%) and an increased for imports (+0.8%).
  • In May 2018, compared with the same month of the previous year, exports declined (-0.8%) while import increased (+1.7%). Outgoing flows raised by 0.7% for EU countries and decreased by 2.8% for non EU countries. Incoming flows increased by 3.9% for EU area and fell by 1.4% for non EU area. The trade balance in May 2018 amounted to +3,378 million Euros (+2,362 million Euros for non EU area and +1,015 million Euros for EU countries).

Reference period: May 2018

Date of Issue: 16 July 2018

Next release: August 10th 2018