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Separate waste collection: citizens’ behaviour and satisfaction, policies of cities

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In 2016, municipal waste collected was 496.7 kg per inhabitant (+ 2.2% compared to 2015); the percentage of separate collection on total waste was 52.5% (+5 percentage points on the previous year).
The highest levels of municipal waste production were found in Emilia-Romagna (653.0 kg per inhabitant) and Toscana (616.2). Molise (387.0) and Basilicata (353.0), on the other hand, were the regions in producing the lowest quantity.

In 2017 it is estimated that 85.0% of households regularly carried out the separate collection of plastics (39.7% in 1998), 74.6% of aluminum (27.8%), 84,8% of the paper (46.9%) and 84.1% of the glass (52.6%).

Households resident in the North differentiated waste more than other areas of the country. The record belonged to the families of the North-West area: glass 91.8%; 81.0% aluminum containers, 91.1% plastic containers and 91.4% paper.

In 2017, 69.9% of households deemed they supported a high cost for waste collection, 25.6% considered it adequate. It is estimated that families resident in the Islands were more dissatisfied: they judged the cost to be high in 83.4% of cases, a share that dropped to 61.1% in the North-East regions.

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Reference period: Years 2016-2017

Date of Issue: 11 July 2018