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Safety perception

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The Italian “Citizens Safety” survey provides a complex framework of indicators about the fear of crime, worries of crime and their consequences on the quality of life, as well as on the level of socio-environmental decay in the area where people live.

In the 2015-2016 period it is estimated that 27.6% of citizens feel little or not at all safe when going out alone in the dark, for 38.2% of citizens fear of crime affects their habits very much or quite.

Compared to previous surveys, fear of crime is stable, while the influence of crime on the habits of life increase (from 48.5% to 38.2%).

The sense of insecurity of women is decidedly higher than that of men: 36.6% do not go out in the evening because of fear (compared to 8.5% of men), 35.3% feel insecure when they walk alone in the evening (19.3% of men). The elderly have a similar insecurity profile.

The percentage of people who experienced the concrete fear of being victim of crime in the three months prior to the interview is 6.4% (7.2% women and 5.6% men).

Between 2008-2009 and 2015-2016, worries of crime decreased:  in 2015-2016, 41.9% of citizens were worried about being victim of bag-snatching or pick-pocketing  (-6.3 percentage points from 2008-2009), 40.5% of an aggression or a robbery (-7.1 percentage points), 37% of car theft (-6.7) and 28.7% (-14) experienced fear for themselves or their family members of being victim of sexual violence. 60.2% of citizens are (very or fairly) worried about thefts in the home, this data is stable.

Despite the improvement, 33.9% of citizens believe they live in an area at risk of crime (very or fairly), which means this data is definitely on the rise compared to the previous survey (+11.9 percentage points).

From 1997-98, the indicators of socio-environmental decay in own living area are decreasing except for the perception of the presence of prostitution. 23.4% of citizens were witnesses of acts of vandalism against the public good, 12.5% ​​see (often or sometimes) people who take drugs, 8.8% people who sell drugs, 9% prostitutes looking for customers.

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Date of Issue: 22 June 2018



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