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Thirteenth National Statistical Conference

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4-5-6 July 2018
Ergife Palace
Congress Centre
Via Aurelia, 619 – Rome

From uncertainty to informed decision making: a path forward together

The thirteenth edition of the National Conference on Statistics will be held in Rome from 4 to 6 July: the traditional appointment where data producers and users, providers of statistical services and holders of large amounts of data, stakeholders and policy makers meet to discuss and define a common plan to strengthen the statistical function.

The Conference is designed to promote exchanges and sharing, and to identify points of contact on main topics of research and statistical production.

This year’s edition focuses on a large number of themes and issues: reputation and relevance of official statistics in public and private life, technological innovation, economy and work, metamorphosis of society and migration flows, new administrative geographies and transformation process of urban landscapes, integration of information and their interoperability, new data collection methods and new statistical registers, assessment of the impact of policies, also in terms of well-being and sustainability.

A gallery of scientific posters illustrates research experiences in the field of statistics, and various initiatives are hosted to promote statistical education and culture among younger generations, or communication of statistics among experts. The program also includes methodological and innovation workshops for researchers and students, meetings with actors and stakeholders inside and outside the National Statistical System, training for operators of official statistics.

Event Date: 04 July 2018