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Industrial producer prices and Services producer prices

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The industrial producer price index measures the evolution of output prices for goods manufactured in Italy and sold on the domestic and non-domestic markets. Since January 2017 indices are compiled in the base period December 2016 and disseminated in the reference period 2010.

In May 2017 the total producer price index decreased by 0.3% with respect to the previous month; the index of producer price decreased by 0.4% on domestic market and it decreased by 0.1% on non-domestic market. The percentage change of the average of the last three months compared to the previous three months increased by 0.4% (+0.3% on domestic market and +0.5% on non-domestic market).

The index increased by 2.8% compared with May 2016 (+3.1% on domestic market and +1.7% on non-domestic market).

The services producer price index (SPPI) measures quarterly changes in the prices received for services provided by enterprises to other enterprises and
Government. This means the SPPI covers what are commonly known as business to business transactions. thus leaving out sales to consumers.

The index is chained based. namely the basket of services and the weighting system are annually updated. The quarterly index for the current year is calculated with reference to the last quarter of the previous year (base period) and subsequently chained over the period chosen as reference period (2010=100) in order to be able to measure price trends over a period of time of more than a year. The index is calculated according to Ateco 2007 classification (the Italian edition of Nace Rev. 2).

In quarter I 2017 the total services producer price index decreased by 0.6% with respect to the previous quarter and by 0.3% compared with the same quarter of 2016.

Reference period: May 2017 – Quarter I 2017

Date of Issue: 28 June 2017

Next release: 29 September 2017



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In the archive of Services producer price indices are available the documents published before 31 March 2017