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Notification of general government deficit and debt according to the excessive deficit procedure

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In this release, Istat provides government deficit and debt data based on figures reported in the first 2017 notification by Italy to the EC for the years 2013-2016, for the application of the excessive deficit procedure (EDP). This notification is based on the ESA 2010 system of national accounts. No reservations have been expressed by Eurostat on the data reported by Italy, that are the same already disseminated on the 4th of April:

(http://www.istat.it/it/archivio/198651 “Conto trimestrale delle Amministrazioni pubbliche, reddito e risparmio delle famiglie e profitti delle società”).

Istat also provides information on the underlying government sector accounts, as well as on the contribution of deficit/surplus and other relevant factors to the variation in the debt level (stock-flow adjustment).

According to the Protocol on the excessive deficit procedure annexed to the EC
Treaty, government deficit (surplus) means the net borrowing (net lending) of the whole general government sector (central government, state government, local government and social security funds). It is calculated according to national accounts concepts (European System of Accounts, ESA 2010). Government debt is the consolidated gross debt of the whole general government sector outstanding at the end of the year (at nominal value). For further references see the “Manual on government deficit and debt – Implementation of ESA 2010“, 2016 edition.

The government deficit to GDP ratio decreased from 2.7% in 2015 to 2.4% in 2016. The primary surplus as a percentage of GDP is equal to 1.5% in 2016, unchanged compared to 2015.

The government debt to GDP ratio was 132.6% at the end of 2016, up by 0.5 percentage points with respect to the end of 2015. Data concerning the general government debt are compiled by and
released by the Bank of Italy


Reference period: Years 2013-2016

Date of Issue: 24 April 2017



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