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Earnings differentials in Italian private Sector

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In this report indicators on average hourly earnings are presented for the reference year 2014.  They refer to employee jobs in the  private sector, excluding Agriculture. (NACE rev. 2 sections from B to S excluding O).

These statistics, produced for the first time with a combined use of statistical registers and surveys, allow detailed analysis on earnings variability along economic activity sectors, size of enterprise, localization of the workplace and employee level characteristics.

In 2014 the average hourly earnings was 14.1 euro. 10% of jobs with the highest value (ninth decile of the earnings distribution) recorded an hourly earnings that was at least 12.7 euro higher than 10% with the lowest values (first decile of the distribution).

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Silvia Pacini
Ciro Baldi
tel. 2273

Reference period: Year 2014

Date of Issue: 30 December 2016