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Italy confirmed its position as the country with the highest number of PDO, PGI and TSG certifications granted by the European Union. At 31 December 2015, Italy had 278 quality-certified products (9 more than in 2014); of these, 266 were active.

Between 2005 and 2015 PDO, PGI and TSG specialities certified by the EU passed from 154 to 278.

The sectors with the highest number of certifications were fruit, vegetables and cereals (106 products), cheese (51), extra virgin olive oils (43) and meat preparations (40). Fresh meat and other sectors had a total of 5 and 32 specialities respectively.

The regions with the most PDO and PGI products were Emilia-Romagna and Veneto, with 42 and 36 products respectively.

In 2015, there were 80,010 certified operators, up by 160 units (+0.2%) from 2014. Of these, 91.1% were exclusively involved in production activities and 5.7% in product transformation; the remaining 2.2% performed both activities.

In the certification system, new certified operators (6,602) were slightly higher than exits (6,458).

Most certified operators continued to be men, with 79.9% of producers and 85.6% of transformers being male.

Among producers (75,463 units) the cheese sector was particularly highly represented (26,042 units, equal to 34.5% of the total), along with olive oil (19,567 or 25.9%) and fruit, vegetables and cereals (17,061 or 22.6%).

Transformers (7,150 units) were also more frequent in the extra virgin olive oil (1,811 or 25.3% of the total), cheese (1,529 or 21.4%) and fruit, vegetables and cereals (1,350 or 18.9%) sectors.

In comparison to 2014, the number of livestock farms (39,307 farms) fell by 5.1% while the surface area covered (170,266 hectares) rose by 4.6%.

Over three quarters of producers (75.9%) were located in mountain and hill areas, the remaining 24.1% was located in plain areas.

Overall, between 2012 and 2013 the number of producers recorded  a 1.2% rise, the result of a fall in Northern (-2.5%) and the rise in the South and Islands area (+4.7%) and in the Centre (+3.3%).

The rise in the number of transformers (+4.5) was due to both an increase in the North (+0.4%) and the more consistent rise registered in the South and Islands area (+8.6) and in the Centre (+7%).

Reference period: Year 2015

Date of Issue: 15 December 2016



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