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Press release

Pensioners’ living conditions

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Istat publishes this Focus on Pensioners’ Living Conditions to disseminate a richer information about pension beneficiaries, integrating three different statistical sources: the administrative archive ‘Pensioners Central Register’; the Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (Eu-Silc) and the Labour Force Survey.

In 2015 pensioners were 16.2 million, around 80 thousand fewer if compared to 2014; each of them received an annual average income of 17,323 euros (283 euros more than the previous year). Women represented 52.8% of pensioners and received an average pension income 6 thousand lower of that received by man.

New pensioners’ (people who started receiving at least one pension in 2015) annual average income was lower if compared to that received by ceased pensioners (15,197 vs 16,015) and by those who were already receiving pensions in 2014 (17,411 euros).

Reference period: Years 2014-2015

Date of Issue: 15 December 2016