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Sales of real estate units and loans

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Notarial deeds – Transfers of properties of real estate units

In the second quarter of 2016, nationwide real estate unit sales agreements[1] totalled 194,620, increasing by 20.6% over the same period for the previous year. 182,801 (93.9%) transfers of properties concerned homes and appurtenances and 10,726 (5.5%) real estate units for business purposes.

In relation to the type of use, sales of residential properties increased by 20.9% whereas sales of properties for business use increased by 15.3%.

In the second quarter of 2016, all geographical areas had positive trends for transfers of properties and the South (+23.9%) registered the most positive result especially for business use properties.

For the first semester of 2016, the total number of real estate unit sales (354,552) increased by 19.4% over the first semester of the previous year, transfers of properties for residential use (332,816) increased by 19.8%, and real transfers of properties for business purposes (19,767) increased by 11.9%.


Notarial deeds – Stipulation of mortgages-secured loans

Nationwide, the mortgage-secured loans stipulated in the second quarter of 2016 were 109,786, a 24.5% increase.

Mortgage-secured loans were above the national average in the Islands (+30.9%) , in the South (+29.0%) and in the Centre areas (+26.8%).  Mortgage-secured loans stipulated in small cities showed approximately the same increase (+24.4%) as that observed in the metropolitan cities (+24.7%).

For the first semester 2016, mortgage-secured loans (197,822) increased by 26.5% over the first semester of the previous year.

Reference period: II Quarter of 2016

Date of Issue: 04 November 2016



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