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The economic performances of Italian enterprises

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Istat publishes for the first time the economic results of enterprises in industrial and service sectors together with those from enterprises groups for the year 2014.

Value added of Italian enterprises in industrial and service sectors in 2014 was 688 billion euros (+1.5% compared to 2013), after a reduction of two consecutive years in a row.

The number of persons employed decreased by 1.5% over 2013, labour productivity increased by 3% and gross investments in tangible goods increased by 7.3%, after three years of decline.

The service sector – accounting for 77.2% of enterprises, 65.4% of persons employed and 57.2% of value added – remained the most important economic sector. The industrial sector (excluding construction) represented 10% of enterprises, 25.5% of persons employed and 35.6% of value added. In construction were concentrated 12.8% of enterprises, 9.1% of persons employed and 7.2% of value added.

The service sector provided the largest contribution (57.5%) to the total value added of industry and services, followed by industrial sector (35.7%) and construction (6.8%).

In manufacturing sector, exporting enterprises had a better economic performance than those oriented to domestic market: labour productivity was in fact more than double (about 68 thousand  euros compared to more than 30 thousand euros), the ratio of gross profit on total value added was three times (33.3% compared to 11%), and the same was gross investments in tangible goods (9,000 euros compared to 3,000 euros).

Micro-enterprises (with less than 10 persons employed), small and medium-sized ones (10-249 persons employed) and larger ones (250 and more persons employed) represented respectively 30.4%, 38.7% and 30.9% of the total value added.

Enterprise groups were more than 95 thousands, including almost 219 thousand resident active enterprises with over 5.6 million persons employed. They produced over than 376 billion of value added (54.7% of total value added of enterprises from industry and service sectors and 70% of corporations).

The average size of enterprises controlled by domestic groups (all-resident enterprise groups) was 12.5 persons employed against 78.6 persons employed in foreign controlled multinational groups and 87.3 in national controlled multinational groups.

75.5% of the groups had an elementary structure (1-2 Italian active enterprises); those with more articulated structure (more than 10 resident enterprises) were the minority but they played a strategic role in terms of employment with 31.7% of persons employed.

24.8% of enterprises in groups were small and medium-sized, with 40% of persons employed and 38.8% of value added of enterprise groups.

On average, the manufacturing enterprises belonging to groups and large enterprises had a similar labour productivity level; enterprises in domestic groups and small and medium-sized enterprises labour productivity levels were very close; for enterprises in multinational groups labour productivity was higher than large enterprises.

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Reference period: Year 2014

Date of Issue: 26 October 2016



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