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Social condition and integration of foreign citizens: Microdata for research purposes

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In 2011-2012 Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics) conducted the first national survey on Social Condition and Integration of Foreign Citizens (SCIF). The SCIF survey aims at providing information on many features of socio-economic integration of migrants in Italy for a better understanding of resident foreign population.

The SCIF survey has been carried out on a sample of 9,553 households resident in Italy including one foreign citizen at least. Face-to-Face interviews have been conducted by CAPI technique (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing). In total 25,326 individuals have been surveyed: 20,379 are foreign citizens, 4,251 are nationals and 696 are national for acquisition.

The survey data provides a framework on characteristics, behaviors, attitudes and opinions of the foreign citizens in Italy. Several aspects are detected: family composition, education, migratory path, employment status, discrimination, health conditions and accessibility of health services, migrant integration, citizen’s security and victimization, housing conditions.
The survey is included in the National Statistical Programme (NSP) which gathers the statistical investigations needed for the Country.

Reference period: Years 2011-2012

Date of Issue: 06 October 2016