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Urban mobility

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In the provincial capitals the buses used for local public transport (LPT) were 79 every 100,000 inhabitants, a little more than the year before. The share of “green” buses was 22.4%, mostly fueled by natural gas or LPG.

Tram and subway networks grew up by 2.6% and 10.6%, respectively. Twelve cities had a tram service, and seven had a subway (in 6 of which network extensions were realized over the past 5 years).

The offer of LPT kept falling down during 2014 (from 4,787 to 4,423 seats-km per inhabitant), and remained very unequal over the Country. The average ratios of North and Centre (5,722 and 4,931, respectively) were from two to three times that of South and Islands (2,163).

The average commercial speed of LPT buses was 19.5 kmph, and lower among the big cities (16.6).

There were 12.4 taxi licenses every 10,000 inhabitants in the provincial capitals (19.5 in the big cities). Ratios were in slight decrease, compared to 2012.

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Luigi Costanzo
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Reference period: Year 2014

Date of Issue: 28 June 2016