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The homeless

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In 2014, the second survey on the condition of persons living in extreme poverty was conducted, following an agreement between Istat, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, Italian Federation of bodies for homeless persons (fio.PSD) and Caritas Italiana.

It is estimated that 50,724 homeless persons, in the months of November and December 2014, used at least one soup kitchen or night shelter in the 158 Italian municipalities where the survey was carried out. This amount corresponds to 2.43 per thousand of the population regularly registered with the municipalities taken into consideration by the survey, a value higher than three years earlier, when it was 2.31 per thousand (47,648 persons).

However, the population observed by the survey also included individuals not entered in the civil registry, or residing in municipalities other than those where they gravitated. About two thirds of homeless people (68.7%) declared they were in the civil register of an Italian municipality – a figure that fell to 48.1% among foreign nationals and reached 97.2% among Italians.

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Reference period: Year 2014

Date of Issue: 03 June 2016



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