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Classification of occupations

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As of 2023, Istat adopts the classification of occupations 2021 (CP2021), the result of a mid-term review of the previous version (CP2011), recently conducted by an inter-institutional Committee.

The structure of the CP2021 is based on the logic of the ISCO (International Standard Classification of Occupations), with which it is cross-linkable.

Skill is the main criteria used to classify the occupations, in its two dimensions: skill level and skill specialization. Skill is defined as the ability to carry out the tasks and duties of a given job.

The occupations listed under each of the 813 professional units do not constitute an exhaustive list of occupations in Italy, but are provided for the sake of example to guide and simplify consultation and research on the part of the reader.

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Classification of occupations 2021 (CP2021)  (in italian only)
International Classification (ISCO)

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Reference period: As of 1 January 2023

Date of Issue: 16 January 2023