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Trips and holidays: Public use microdata

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“Trips and holidays” is a focus included into the Households Budget Survey to collect information on tourist flows of residents. It provides a wide set of information on tourist trips, such as the amount and the characteristics of trips made for personal and business reasons, both in Italy and abroad, the amount of expenditure, the reasons for not participating in tourism, the amount of same-day visits.

Note. On 01 September 2021, the Methodological note attached to the mIcro.STAT file – Year 2020” package was replaced to insert Tables 4 and 5 and to correct a typo in Table 7 (Values of totals corresponding to some typical values of percentage relative errors by groups of estimates, quarter and year, territorial areas – Estimates of the number of trips – Year 2020). Therefore, the last three columns of Table 7 have been changed.

On 19 April 2024, the Methodological note attached to the mIcro.STAT file – Year 2017 was updated to correct a typo in the sample numerosity of the first-stage (municipalities) and second-stage (households) units.


Reference period: Years 2022-2014

Date of Issue: 19 June 2023


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