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Urban mobility

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In the provincial capitals, the extent of bus networks – the most widespread mode of local public transport (Lpt) remains substantially unchanged between 2011 and 2013, while the reduction of tramways (-12.2%) is offset by the growth of trolleybus and subway networks (+15.4% and +22.4%, respectively).

Compared to 2011, there are almost 30 km more of subways, thanks to the opening of a new service in Brescia and to the extensions of the existing networks of Milano, Roma and Genova.

In the provincial capitals, Lpt services produced a total of 4,482 seats-km per inhabitant, against 4,742 of 2011. Most of the offer is provided by bus (63%) and subway (27%). The Lpt offer is decreasing in three provincial capitals out of four and, among the big cities, especially in Milano, Torino and Napoli. The production in terms of seats-km is decreasing for bus (-7.4%), tram and trolleybus (-11.1%), but increasing for the subway (+10%).

Both in Northern and Central cities, Lpt services provide about 5,500 seats-km per inhabitant, more than doubling the offer supplied in the cities of the South and Islands areas (2,178). More generally, the trends of the Lpt demand and offer are divergent in the Centre-North and in the South and Islands areas, mainly in the big cities.

Throughout Italy, about a quarter of the residents aged 14 and over use the bus, trolleybus or tram services (about 12% on a daily basis, or more times a week). The share of Lpt users reaches 69% (of which 40 non-occasional users) in the central municipalities of metropolitan areas. Lpt is being used by 30% of residents in the Centre, 26% in the North and 17% in the South and Islands areas.

The most critical aspects of the Lpt services, in the opinion of users, are the cost of tickets, the comfort of stops and the cleanness of vehicles; while the most appreciated ones are the speed and frequency of the runs.

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Reference period: Year 2013

Date of Issue: 23 June 2015