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National demographic balance

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As of December 31, 2014 Italy had 60,795,612 inhabitants, of which more than 5 million have foreign citizenship (8.2%).

During 2014 the number of residents in Italy remained stable. The overall balance shows a minimum increase (+12,944 units), even negative for women (-4,082). The real variation, due to the natural dynamics and migration, shows an increase of only 2,075 units (beyond the administrative adjustments).

The natural balance (births minus deaths) is negative (-100,000 units), marking a peak never reached in Italy since the biennium 1917-1918 (First World War).

The number of births continues to decrease. Compared to the previous year, 2014 recorded almost 12,000 births less. Also births from foreign citizens resident in Italy continue to decline (-2,638 compared to 2013), they represented 14.9% of total births.

The mortality rate remains stable, with a slight decrease in the number of deaths (-2,380).

The migratory movement to and from other countries shows, in 2014, a positive balance of approximately 141,000 units, a lower value than in previous years.

The registrations from abroad were 277,631. They consist of 90% of foreigners and show a decrease if compared to previous years. On the other hand, cancellations due to emigration are increasing, both for Italians and foreigners.

The migratory movement, both internal and from foreign countries, is directed mainly towards the regions of northern and central Italy.

There is a rise in the number of acquisitions of Italian citizenship. In 2014 about 130 thousand new Italian citizens (+ 29%) were registered.

The different nationalities of foreigners residing In Italy are about 200. Over 50% of foreign residents (more than 2.6 million individuals) are nationals of a European country. The most represented nationality is the Romanian (22.6%) followed by the Albanian (9.8%).

The aging process of the Italian population is continuing: the mean age is 44.4 years.

Reference period: Year 2014

Date of Issue: 15 June 2015



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