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Industrial districts

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Istat identified 141 industrial districts in 2011 on the basis of Local market areas (LMAs, ‘labour market areas – SLL’ in Italy) and the analysis of their economic specialization by using the data on economic units surveyed in the 9th Industry and Services Census. In comparison with 2001, the number of business clusters decreased by 40 units.

Industrial districts represent about one-fourth of the Italian economic system, both in term of LMAs (23.1% of the total), workers (24.5% of the total) and local units (24.4% of the total). Manufacturing employment of industrial districts is over one-third of the Italian employment as a whole, in line with the trend registered 10 years ago. 22% of Italian residents live within industrial districts.

The size of industrial districts and their demographic dimension has increased. Each industrial district, on average, consists of 15 municipalities (they were 13 in 2001), has 94,513 residents (67,828 in 2001) and is the location of 8,173 local units (6,103 in 2001) which employed 34,663 workers (26,531 in 2001).

Despite the decrease of national share of manufacturing employment absorbed by industrial districts (from 70.9% in 2001 to 65.8% in 2011), the Italian manufacturing sector is still characterized by industrial districts. They represent 64.1% of mainly manufacturing LMAs which employ 65.8% of workers in the manufacturing sector.

Reference period: Year 2011

Date of Issue: 24 February 2015



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